Thoughts about Life
by Bodo Bodenstein


As a little newborn child
you only want to drink the milk,
but by the time you're going wild
if you aren't teached well in your ilk.

You quickly learn to walk and speak,
you learn the tables in the school,
perhaps you become ill and weak,
but not for long, that is the rule.

If you think: "Oh, let it be!",
to bone that up is much refused,
much better is than theory
a long time practice to get used.

A new language you should try
without the teacher as from eight,
with native speakers you won't be shy
to joke and to communicate.

Though passing by the years this way
in the school without a sense,
you quickly learn to talk and stay
with alien friends with no defense.

When must obey the teacher's word,
you get not much into your brains,
more likely is, your sight gets blurred;
I say: Our nut needs no restraints!


Still the elements own way
is that they freely come to bind
and in a certain time delay
they can together meet and find.

Whether atom or molecule,
whether two cells or its a couple,
always the liking is the rule
which brings them surely into cuddle.

But that they find each other ever,
that makes the power of the time;
this period you may notice never
or ages passing until chime.

If you are troubled much with worry
about the money, work and love,
you must believe in chances scurry
the morning brings down from above.

You cannot force the time by will,
by trick, neither by brutal rape,
but patiently improve your skill,
the wish then will be formed to shape.

Coincidence is often cause
that lets you dream well in the night,
in alliance with the time it was
the base even for space so bright.


Would genes not have the very chance
to change constantly by the time,
the life would not have such advance
and deserts were the only prime.

Ages before coincidence
formed your forebears genotype,
would ever all be kept to thence,
your mind would never be so ripe.

The mind is not like intellect,
forever would you a creature be,
the very man does not reflect
the culture and morality.

The course of time creates so well
the beauty and miraculous,
our very goal is that we shell
maintain God's working success.

That way keep up the world's contour
with spirit and power in your place,
but don't forget the fact that you're
only a tiny light in boundless space ...


© 2002 Bodo Bodenstein

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